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Benefits of Becoming a Member

NANRES is currently accepting applications for NANRES membership and the Executive and Scientific Council Board. For more information please click here.

Membership FAQ

Q: What are the types of membership?

  • There are two forms of membership:
    • Executive and Scientific Council. For more information please click here
    • NANRES membership. For more information please click here

Q: Can an individual become a member?

  • NANRES membership is by organization and institution only. Individuals representing themselves cannot become members.

Q: Do members receive a discount to NANRES events?

  • Yes. All members will receive a discount to all NANRES events.

Q: Are NANRES events for members only?

  • No, but there will be special activities and events that are exclusive for NANRES members only.

Q: Outside of advocacy and events what other initiatives will NANRES be implementing?

  • During this formative stage, NANRES is considering a host of task force, programmatic and educational initiatives.

Q: What is the duration of membership?

  • Membership begins once payment is made in full and continues as follows:

    ES Council: For the duration of paid and agreed-upon term (one or three years) unless revoked in accordance with NANRES bylaws

    NANRES membership: For one year from the receipt of payment in full, unless revoked in accordance with NANRES bylaws.

    For additional questions and information please email all inquiries to